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Front Of The Pack
  • The science behind your dog’s supplement

    Most supplements companies back themselves with borrowed science. Whereas we prefer to let evidence lead the way.

    To prove it, our experts assembled a catalogue of over 400 research publications verifying the health claims of every one of our ingredients.

  • 485publications

    validate the health claims of our ingredients

    350of these

    publications focus on the specific branded extracts we use

L-CarnitineMaintains healthy muscle function

KrillOptimizes disease-fighting immune cells

CurcuminStrengthens joints and flexibility

L-TheaninePromotes an alert state of relaxation

  • Key findings

    Dogs with noise phobias showed a significant* reduction in anxious panting when given L-theanine in combination with behavioural therapy, compared to those given behavioural therapy alone.


    Effectiveness of L-theanine and behavioral therapy in the treatment of noise phobias in dogs.

    Michelazzi, M. et al (2010). Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 5(1), 34–35

    20 dogs with noise phobias
    63 days
    Università degli Studi di Milano

PrebioticFor a healthy microbiome

PostbioticImproves digestive health

AshwagandhaAlleviates symptoms of stress

ChondroitinBalances the inflammatory system

MSMSoothes skin and supports joints

Green Tea ExtractSupports oral health

CollagenAids regeneration of cartilage

TaurinePromotes a healthy heart

Magnolia Bark ExtractRelieves anxiety at the source