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  • Dr. Gregory D. Sunvold, PhD

    , Animal Nutritionist

    Dr. Gregory Sunvold is an accomplished animal nutritionist with 30 years’ experience in the pet food industry. He has spent much of his career specializing in gastrointestinal health and was one of the earliest proponents for the integration of probiotics into pet food and supplements. In addition to his 500+ scientific publications, Dr. Sunvold has contributed to multiple breakthrough patents and product formulations in the pet nutrition space. In 2012 he founded Sunvold Technology, a life science company focused on the development and integration of innovative microbiome technologies in commercial pet food.

    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

      PhD, Nutritional Sciences

    • Kansas State University

      MS, Animal Sciences - Ruminant Nutrition

    • South Dakota State University

      BS, Animal Sciences