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Top 8 Benefits of Human Grade Dog Food

Written by FOTP Team

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Your dog is your best friend, loyal companion, and a constant source of love and joy in your life and what you feed them affects their health, mood, and quality of life. You want to provide them with a diet rich in nutrients that promotes well-being and keeps them happy and strong for years to come. Human grade dog food, is becoming increasingly popular as it delivers carefully sourced organic ingredients that are minimally processed, easy to serve and straightforward.

What Is Human Grade Dog Food?

To qualify as human grade, dog food must meet certain standards, every ingredient used in the final product must be handled, stored, processed, and shipped in compliance with regulations for human-edible foods.

Just because food is technically safe for people to eat, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it is of higher quality. You still need to pay close attention to the ingredients and the way it’s prepared to determine if it has the right amount of nutrients.

How Can I Determine the Quality of Human Grade Dog Food?

Make sure you’re serving your dog the best food by checking the labels and reading about the manufacturing process. For example, Front of the Pack offers the highest quality supplements and food made from mindfully sourced and selected ingredients and we strive to be as clear and open about what we use, where we get it from and why it’s important.

How dog food is prepared is just as important as the ingredients used. Heavily processed foods tend to contain a lot of fillers and little in the way of real nutrition. Air-drying food is a better approach because it preserves essential nutrients. It is an older technique and it takes a lot more time and care than most overly processed dog foods, but the results are superior-quality food which is much healthier for your canine companion. Dried food doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator but still delivers the same quality as fresh food.

Human grade dog food like this is generally much better for your dog’s health but you should talk to your veterinarian for recommendations on your pet’s specific nutrition needs and dietary concerns. This information will help you figure out how much and when to feed them.

What Are the Benefits of Human Grade Dog Food?

There are lots of  benefits to dog food that uses high quality ingredients and processes them more gently, here’s just a few:

1. Strong Muscles

Protein is an essential part of any dog’s diet and it’s the foundation for building strong muscles and healthy organs, skin, and coats. Protein is used to repair cells and support growth so if your pet’s food doesn’t have a quality source of protein, they’re missing out. 

2. Soft and Silky Coat

There’s lots of evidence of the therapeutic benefits of stroking an animal and the chances are, your pooch loves a good fuss. You can help keep their coat shiny and healthy by providing them with a healthy diet containing essential fatty acids. The vitamins and minerals in fresh foods can eliminate some causes of itching, rashes, and dryness so if your pet has allergy symptoms, try changing their kibble to human grade dog food. Signs of allergies that are often attributed to environmental causes can actually be from the fillers used in dry dog food.

3. Better Digestion

Your dog’s digestive system isn’t designed to eat a lot of the additives and fillers found in lots of common dry dog foods. This content increases the frequency and amount of their bowel movements which is why fresh dog food is a better option as it’s nutritionally bioavailable. This means that your dog is better able to absorb and use more of the nutrients in their food.

4. Increased Immunity

The high content of protein and antioxidants in human grade dog food is crucial to boost your dog’s immune system and allow them to fight off illness. High concentrations of nutrients can reduce cell damage and even lead to fewer allergies.

5. Higher Energy

Think of the foods you eat, when you opt for cheap junk, you likely feel sluggish and heavy and it’s the same for your dog. Feeding low-quality food fills them up but doesn’t provide the right nutritional components to support health and fuel their body. The right combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates gives a boost of energy without that weighed-down feeling.

6. Improved Mobility

Foods that contain the right ingredients support joint and bone health so your pet can stay active. If your dog has started to advance in age or has mobility issues, changing their food can make a world of difference, even senior dogs can become more active and playful.

7. Greater Longevity

You naturally want your dog to live a long and full life and paying closer attention to the nutrition you give them can help. Proteins like beef, chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals which support a healthy weight and strong heart. 

8. No Surprise Additives or Fillers

Dry kibble dog foods have additives to keep them fresh and shelf-stable for longer, as well as filler to bulk up the product. It’s difficult to know exactly what quantities of ingredients are in dry dog food, as the percentages given aren’t always representative of what they contain.

With fresh, human grade dog food, you can trust the ingredients and read the labels to discover exactly what the food contains.  They contain real foods for balanced nutrition instead of hard-to-pronounce chemicals.

Switch to Human Grade Dog Food To Give Your Dog the Best

The benefits of feeding your pet human grade dog food are clear. When you purchase your pet’s food from a reputable company, you know you’re giving your dog the best, nutritious ingredients. The choice of food that your dog eats is in your hands, so choose wisely.