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  • A Vet Recommended Supplement With 8 Powerful Health-Boosting Benefits

    Dr. Jamie Peyton (DVM, DACVECC)

    The One is a remarkable combination of clinically proven ingredients that are essential for your best canine friend

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  • Packed with 12 clinically proven ingredients it offers unparalleled support to help:

    • Relieve Joint Discomfort
    • Fight Stress
    • Support Healthy Digestion
    • Boost Immunity
    • And more...

Thousands of dogs are seeing incredible health improvements in as little as 4-6 weeks

Churchill is one of the fussiest eaters around. We just got our first tub of The One and he LOVES it. You absolutely have a customer for life.

Churchill's mom

90 day money-back guarantee on every order

The One

Eight essential benefits in one

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How much does my dog need?

Each tub contains 60 scoops. That’s enough for up to 2 months supply. Check your dog’s weight below for the ideal package size:

  • Dogs under 25lbs = 1 scoop a day

    1 tub = 2 months supply

  • Dogs between 25-50lbs = 2 scoops a day

    1 tub = 1 months supply

  • Dogs over 50lbs = 3 scoops a day

    1 tub = 20 days supply

Sprinkle the recommended number of scoops onto your dog’s food once a day, or mix it in with one of their favorite healthy snacks.

When used on a consistent daily basis, positive improvements should begin to appear within 4 - 6 weeks.

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8 health benefits in 1 world class supplement

Our experts identified the eight areas your bestie is bound to struggle with most. Then they developed a supplement to tackle each and every one of them. Head on.

  • Joints & Mobility

    Relieves stiffness and protects cartilage

  • Stress Relief

    Relaxes without any snoozy side effects

  • Gut

    Supports healthy gut bacteria and digestion

  • Skin & Coat

    Soothes skin and conditions coat

  • Dental

    Reduces plaque for fresh breath and healthy gums

  • Brain

    Promotes blood flow and mental sharpness

  • Immunity

    Supports cells that defend against disease

  • Heart

    Protects heart cells and sustains healthy function

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90 day money-back guarantee on every order

12 clinically-proven ingredients in every tub

Most dog supplements lack evidence and rely on borrowed scientific claims. The One is different. All twelve ingredients are patented and clinically-proven to do precisely what they say.

So, how does The One compare?

The OneOther brands
Clinically proven ingredients
No binders, fillers or additives
100% traceable ingredients
Rigorous third party testing
Industry leading suppliers
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