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How we put your dog’s supplement to the test

We test our raw ingredients and finished blends a total of eight times. But of course, the results don’t mean anything if we can’t share them with you.

Enter your batch code and see how your dog’s supplement ranks in quality, composition, strength and safety.

  • Why we take testing so seriously

    Unlike pharmaceutical products, supplements are subject to limited regulation — especially when it comes to pet supplements.

    This means pet care companies have little obligation to prove that their ingredients are pure and that their supplements are as potent as they claim.

    • 84%joint supplements contain less Chondroitin than they claim
    • 50%of omega fatty acid pet supplements fail label accuracy testing
    • 1 in 2joint products contain up to 50% less active ingredients than claimed

2017 ConsumerLab report

Our 8-step testing framework

By putting all of our ingredients under the microscope not once, not twice, but eight separate times, we’re hoping to raise the standards of quality control on the pet supplement industry. Once and for all.

Test 1Quality Assurance testing

All of our ingredients undergo chemical analysis to verify their composition, purity and safety before leaving the supplier.

Test 2Identification testing

Upon arrival at our facility, we randomly test ingredients to ensure their identity is authentic.

Test 3Heavy metal testing

After we’ve established an ingredient’s identity we test it to make sure it doesn’t contain any toxins like arsenic, cadmium, lead or mercury.

Test 4Microbiological testing

Additionally, we run tests to ensure the ingredients aren’t harboring any common bacterias, yeast or mold contamination.

Test 5Potency testing

Once we’ve blended the ingredients into our finished product we test to ensure that the levels of active ingredients are accurate.

Test 6Gluten free testing

Many certified gluten-free supplements don’t actually test for gluten. We, on the other hand, analyze every one of our finished batches to make sure they contain no stray particles.

Test 7Pesticide testing

Of course, we test for pesticides too—426 different types of them.

Test 8Glyphosate testing

Finally, because you can never be too sure, we run a separate test for the most pervasive pesticide of all—glyphosate.

Introducing our labs

We’ve chosen to partner with four of the world's best ISO/IEC-accredited 3rd party laboratories. Just like our manufacturing facility, they’re all based right here. In the USA.

  • Eurofins Scientific

    Eurofins has been offering its world-class analytical services to the food, pharma and environmental industries for over 40 years. With laboratories in America, Europe and Asia, the company successfully runs an average of 400 million tests each year.

    Read more
  • Alkemist Labs

    Alkemist is one of the world's preeminent independent botanical identity and potency testing laboratories. It is also one of the National Animal Supplement Council's preferred suppliers. Founded in 1997, the Californian lab has since amassed a global base of clients across multiple sectors.

    Read more
  • AGQ Labs

    AGQ not only complies with the highest level of laboratory accreditation (ISO), it also participates in regular external accuracy and precision testing. Throughout its 20+ years of operation, AGQ has established its position as an one of America’s industry-leading laboratories.

    Read more
  • Genista Biosciences

    Genista Biosciences is an innovative biotech company dedicated to improving public health and food safety. Founded in 2009, the Californian based company has developed rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic methods to detect the presence of pathogens and various other microbes in food and environmental samples.

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