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Hi. We're
Front Of The Pack.

A team of vets, biochemists and dog lovers leading the revolution on pet nutrition. But first, a little on how we got here.

It all begins with love

The love you share with your dog is one of the most positive forces on the planet.

  • He's the best friend I've ever had. I love him like he were my baby.

    Sarah & Billie

  • But there’s a problem. And it’s getting bigger.

    Canine health is in decline. And the most painful thing? It doesn’t need to be this way.1

    In fact, the most common diagnoses made by US veterinarians are preventable with the right nutritional diet and additional supplements for specific conditions.

  • The latest stats


    rise in arthritis over the past decade

    1 in 3

    dogs suffer from canine anxiety


    of dogs have dental disease by age 3


    rise in gut problems over past 5 years

    1 in 4

    vet visits is for a skin complaint

    1 in 3

    dogs are now clinically obese

1Data from Banfield study

The odds are stacked against pet parents

And we’re not just talking about shady ‘wellness’ trends and misinformation online. We’re talking about an outdated pet care industry that focuses more on reacting to problems, rather than preventing them before they arise. It’s no wonder pet parents are struggling to maintain their dogs’ health.

Sure. Plenty of products claim to help.

But scrape below the surface and you’ll find they use untested ingredients, are jam-packed with fillers and aren’t backed up by any clinical research whatsoever. Put simply, they’re a waste of your time and money.

So, we started
Front Of The Pack

And we made it our mission to put the power back in your hands. By doing away with pseudoscience and embracing next-level standards, we’ve developed dog food and supplements deserving of your bestie and the unconditional love you share with them.