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Here’s To A World Without Plastic

Our pups deserve to play in a clean, safe and natural world. That’s why we’re committed to lessening our carbon footprint wherever possible

  • 100% Recycled, Refill Tins

    Elegant, recycled tinplate steel tins - perfect for refilling and storing your dog's favorite supplement. They last much longer than cardboard tubes (they are, quite literally, infinitely recyclable), so they're way better for the planet.

  • Earth-friendly recycled card tubs

    Instead of plastic tubs or packets, we chose to store our powder supplements in small tubs made from 100% post consumer recycled brown board. This way we can ensure we have the smallest possible impact on the planet, while still giving you a beautiful container to store your bestie’s supplement.

  • Compostable stay-fresh pouch

    Made from 100% Recycled Content Paper and Non-GMO PLA Glue that is manufactured using a base of cassava roots. It sounds so good we could eat it! But don't. It wouldn't taste great.

    Great for the environment, fully composts, no microplastics and perfect for keeping your supplement as fresh as the day it was tested!

  • Sustainable bamboo measuring scoop

    Panda lovin bamboo - nothing else. Simple.

    Fun fact about bamboo - did you know that it requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn't need to be replanted? It can also grow up to 36 inches in a day!

  • 90% recycled card shipper box

    90% of our card is recycled, then recycled, then recycled some more before you get it and recycle it ahead of the next recycle.

    Made from 90% post consumer recycled card. Keeping the world turning at each turn.


sourced ingredients

We have exhaustively vetted our partners to ensure where possible they meet our exacting standards for living lightly on the earth and acting responsibly.