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Real Customer Stories

See the transformative impact on dog health — improving everything from digestion and weight issues, to energy levels and life span.

  • "It's the first thing that's worked for her anxiety"

  • "The spot on his neck is growing back beautifully"

  • "Her fur is incredible, so soft and shiny!"

  • "He's not limping at all, energy levels are up"

  • "Her gums used to be black, it's definitely working"

  • "He's just doing amazing and it's only been 6 weeks."

  • "He doesn't limp anymore. He's doing much better"

  • "He chewed his tail raw. but that's healing. I'm thrilled!"

  • "She can now walk without too much pain!"

  • "Now she eats her food every time"

  • "She's back to walking without hurting. It's amazing!"

  • "We tried all sorts of products, yours is incredible"