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Evidence & Research

Our experts have assembled a catalogue of over 400 research publications verifying the health claims of every one of our ingredients

  • We ensure every ingredient is backed by trusted research

    Most dog supplements rely on generic ingredients and anecdotal claims. We’re taking the opposite approach, to guarantee that all of our ingredients are backed by verifiable research publications.

    • 485 rigorously backed research publications
    • 409 studies for our exact branded ingredients

L-TheaninePromotes an alert state of relaxation

L-CarnitineMaintains healthy muscle function

  • Our experts identify and target important trends in dog health

    Canine health is in decline. And the most painful thing? It doesn’t need to be this way.

    In fact, the most common diagnoses made by US veterinarians are preventable with the right support.

    1 Data from Banfield study
    • Joints

      66% rise in arthritis over past decade

    • Stress

      1 in 3 suffer from canine anxiety

    • Dental

      80% have dental disease by 3

    • Obesity

      1 in 3 dogs are now clinically obese1

    • Skin Issues

      1 in 4 vet visits is for a skin complaint

    • Digestion

      50% rise in gastrointestinal problems over past 5 years

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