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  • Glucosamine

    Protects joints and improves flexibility

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What is it?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar found in connective tissue and cartilage.

What does it do?

Glucosamine is an essential building block in the structure of joint tendons, cartilage and ligaments.

Why we chose it

It has been widely studied in both humans and animals and is backed by over 15,000 research publications. Specifically, oral supplementation of glucosamine has been shown to aid the repair of joint cartilage in dogs.

Why not generic glucosamine?

Specifically, b-glu® is a high purity pharmaceutical grade glucosamine HCl from Bioiberica, S.A.U., Spain which has been clinically tested and proven to be beneficial for joint health. It is especially powerful when used in conjunction with chondroitin sulfate (CS b-Bioactive®) where clinical studies have proven that this combination has comparable efficacy to celecoxib (an anti-inflammatory drug)!