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  • Krill

    Optimizes disease-fighting immune cells

  • Brand:
    QRILL™ Pet

What is it?

Krill a natural extract of the Antarctic krill, a tiny pink crustacean found in the Southern Ocean.

What does it do?

Krill is incredibly rich in omega-3, enabling it to support a wide range of health benefits including improved heart function, reduced inflammation and a healthier skin and coat.

Why we chose it

Krill has one of the highest concentrations of Omega-3 in the world, surpassing fish oil in both strength and bioavailability. It also contains Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant.

Why not a generic Omega-3?

Our Krill is purpose-made for pets and is chemically structured to deliver more Omega 3 than other types of fish oil.


Key Findings

Sled dogs given 5 weeks of Krill before a race showed significant* reductions in post-run inflammatory markers, compared to dogs without Krill.

Effects of dietary supplementation with krill meal on serum pro-inflammatory markers after the iditarod sled dog race.
Burri, al (2018). Research in Veterinary Science, 121, pp. 18-22.

Further Research

Phosphatidylcholine from krill increases plasma choline and its metabolites in dogs.
Burri, L. et al (2019). Veterinary World, 12(5), pp. 671-676.