A new breed of
dog supplement

Eight benefits. One daily dose. Your bestie’s brightest future.


The most common diagnoses made by US veterinarians are preventable, with the right support.

  • 80% of dogs have
    dental disease by age 3

    66% rise in canine arthritis
    over past 10 years

    1 in 4 vet visits is for a
    skin complaint

    50% rise in gastrointestinal problems over past 5 years

    Over 1/3 of dogs suffer from
    canine anxiety

    1 in 3 dogs are now
    clinically obese

It’s time to grab the leash and get proactive with your dog’s health.

Introducing your dog’s ultimate all-in-one supplement

8 essential benefits. One daily dose.

  • Joints & Mobility

  • Stress Relief

  • Gut

  • Skin & Coat

  • Dental

  • Brain

  • Immunity

  • Heart

Simplicity? Check.

  • Pre-portioned
    daily stick packs

  • Tasty broth-like flavor
    your bestie will love

  • Delivered monthly
    so you never forget

Science-led? You bet.

  • Unlike chew supplements, our powder is 100% pure. No fillers, binders or additives.
  • We use concentrated, branded extracts that pack a more powerful punch than generic alternatives.
  • Every one of our 12 bioactive ingredients is proven to work in published clinical research.

Not all ingredients are created equal

The quality of supplement ingredients can vary massively. We’ve selected our 12 bioactives for their potency and purity, and sourced them directly from industry-leading suppliers.

  • Our Ashwagandha

    8x more powerful than the average Ashwagandha

  • Our Prebiotic

    A gut-soothing fiber from guar beans backed by 120+ clinical studies

  • Our Green Tea Extract

    The most rigorously researched green tea extract on the market

  • Our Curcumin

    29x greater absorption than any other Curcumin on the market

  • Our Glucosamine

    Ethically derived from vegetables and extensively patented

  • Our Chondroitin

    The most clinically researched chondroitin sulfate in the world

  • Our Krill

    A rich, easily-absorbed source of Omega 3

  • Our MSM

    The purest FDA-approved MSM in the world

  • Our L-Carnitine

    Formulated exclusively for animals and clinically proven to work in dogs

  • Our L-Theanine

    The only L-Theanine proven to work in both humans and dogs

  • Our Taurine

    The purest, non-animal derived amino acid on the planet

  • Our Postbiotic

    A heat-inactivated probiotic proven to outperform “live” strains

Shaped by our world-class Science Advisory Board

  • Proactive pet care is absolutely vital. A supplement that tackles all the critical concerns in one is a fantastic place to start.

    Dr. Stephanie Wenban BVSc, MRCVS

    Veterinary Surgeon

Our global Scientific Advisory Board is behind everything we do, with your dog’s wellbeing always front of mind.

  • Dr. Anthony Almada

    MSc, FISSN

  • Dr. Stephanie Wenban

    Veterinary Surgeon

  • Joseph J. Wakshlag

    Animal Nutrition Scientist
    DVM, PhD

  • Azza A. Gadir

    Immunology Specialist
    MSc, PhD

  • Élan Sudberg

    National Animal Supplement Council Board Member

Results to bark about

    • Results to bark about

      People are always surprised when I tell them Twiggy’s 12. She’s looking better than ever and has way more pep than the other dogs at our park.

      Twiggy's mom

    • Results to bark about

      Barney’s been fart free for 2 months! Ever since he started taking his all-in-one, his poos have been firmer and his flatulence haunts us no more!

      Barney's mom

    • Results to bark about

      My last Huskie had all sorts of heart and joint problems. With Reggie, I’m taking steps to dodge that bullet.

      Reggie's dad

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