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A Community Of Unconditional Love

Your dog loves you. Completely, perfectly, unconditionally. We know you’d do anything to return the love. That’s why we created the most science-backed dog supplements, ever. Because your unconditional love deserves our uncompromising science.

Join our influencer community and help lead the revolution on pet health!

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You Do You

We value authentic relationships so you control the narrative. No scripts, no micromanagement - in your own words, in your own way.

A Trusted Brand

We use more clinically-proven ingredients than any other dog supplement. Your bestie deserves the best and we’re confident you’ll genuinely love our product.

A True Partner

We set clear expectations, compensate fairly and are flexible on deliverables and timelines. We also value long term relationships over one time things.

  • Am I The One?

    Pets Are Family

    You treat your dog like a member of the family. They’re your everything and you’d do anything to help give them their healthiest future.

    Engaged Community

    You have an active community of 5k+. We’re open to categories but are drawn to pets (naturally!), food, nutrition, health, fitness, mindfulness, beauty and fashion.

    Great Storytellers

    We’d love you to inspire others with unconditional love stories about how your dog is a positive force in your life.

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