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3 Important Things Every Dog Owner Should Know Coming Into Fall

Written by FOTP Team


The leaves are starting to fall and the nights draw colder, fall is definitely in the air. But what does that mean for your dog? Veterinarian Dr Steph Wenban is here to share her 3 top tips for caring for your dog during fall.

Vet tip #1: Pumpkins are great for gut health!

Make use of fresh seasonal produce by adding some pumpkin to your dog’s diet. Dr Steph says “Pumpkin gets it’s orange colour from beta carotenoids, which is turned into Vitamin A — essential to eye health. It is also loaded with vitamins E & C and high in fiber which can help keep your dogs stools firm and regular”.

Vet tip #2: Avoid stagnant leaves

If left damp, piles of leaves can start to build bacteria and mold that can lead to vomiting and diarrhoea. The vet’s advice? “Piles of leaves are best avoided unless you know who piled them as there is also the risk of hidden objects that could cause injury”.

Vet tip #3: Boost your dog’s immunity

“Much like humans, our dog’s are susceptible to picking something up coming into fall as the temperatures drop and sunlight fades” says Dr Steph. The solution? Increase their intake of immune boosting nutrients. Dr Steph advises “optimize your dog’s immune system by increasing levels of vitamin C, E and B vitamins”. Want a quick and easy boost? Try adding a daily all-in-one supplement like The One/products/the-one by Front of the Pack.