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12 of the Best Podcasts for Animal Lovers

Written by Anna Hollisey


adorable pup rocking their headphones

Are you looking for an expert podcast to help you learn about dog training techniques on your commute? Or a relaxing soundtrack to keep you company on your daily dog-walk? Wherever and however you listen, try one of our favorite animal podcasts. We’ve rounded up the best series for dog training, dog walking, cat behavior, pet stories, and more!

3 of the Best Dog Training Podcasts

Does dog training work? That’s one of the topics explored on the wonderfully diverse podcast “Stuff You Should Know”, where hosts Josh and Chuck share unusual facts and conversation-starters! This episode covers the history of dog training, including New York’s New Skete Monks, pack theory, and more modern research. (It’s not all science: they also discuss their own dogs, and their unwanted habits like urinating indoors.)

For specific advice about dog training questions – from a calm and qualified host – try “Dog Talk with Dr Jen”. We like it because it’s a short series which tackles common problems that we have with dogs at home: guarding stuff, dreading vet visits, barking, and selective recall. 

If you’re open-minded about natural energy and telepathic communication, try “Talking with the dogs!”, hosted by animal communicator Liz Murdoch. An expert in body language and sounds, Liz says that she uses telepathy to “chat” with dogs and learn about their experiences and preferences. We liked the episode where she talks with Minnie, the bulldog from Only Murders in the Building, about the joy of working with Martin Short.

3 of the Best Dog Walking Podcasts

Walking the Dog” takes you on a walk with Emily Dean and a British celebrity (plus their dogs, of course). It’s a UK podcast with very charming content, recorded in real-time on a stroll in a London location. And yes, you do hear when the owners pause to pick up poop! We liked the episode with author and former LA resident, Dawn O’Porter

Not technically linked to dog walking, Gretchen Rubin’sHappier” podcast covers a wide range of suggestions and habits that you can implement in pursuit of better mental health. It’s a good podcast for the daily dog walk, which often presents the ideal environment for mindfulness and reflection.

Walking is Fitness” takes you along with Dave Paul on a 10-minute stroll and chat. It’s a motivational podcast all about the benefits and joys of walking, and listening to it is just like taking a peppy friend along on your dog-walk. We enjoyed the early-morning episode, “Are all Steps of Equal Value?”. 

3 of the Best Cat Podcasts

If you’re a cat person, “Cat Talk Radio” is an all-round joy. It’s filled with tips about bonding and behavior as well as interviews and news. There are helpful specials on certain health conditions and listeners’ questions. Host Molly discusses whether it’s wrong to give our cats treats on-demand in one of our faves, “Does spoiling your cat make him a brat?”.

Possibly the biggest cat podcast in the world, “Cattitude” has passed 200 episodes and continues to find fascinating cat stories every week. It’s hosted by Michelle Fern, with lots of special guests – including people who have written books and poetry about cats. Frankly, it’s hard to pick a favorite episode from the fascinating line-up!

If your cat is an aspiring influencer, tune in to “Catexplorer”. Ideal for any owners who want to start adventuring or creating content with their cats, it’s now in its eighth season. Expect expert tips for ‘catexplorers’ from specialists around the world.

3 of the Best Fun Animal Podcasts for Kids

This Podcast Has Fleas” features real actors and an entertaining script about the authentic adventures of domestic dog, Waffles. Just like your dog, she hates going to the vet and being put in a head cone. Waffles shares her home with a vengeful cat (who just started his own rival podcast… with songs) and wise goldfish Mr Glub (voiced by Alec Baldwin).

But Why?” is an educational kids’ podcast with lots of animal content. Each episode focuses closely on one topic, including animals ranging from snakes to pandas, so you can pick out your favorite – try this episode about wolves and how our dogs evolved from them. It’s suitable for older children aged around 8+.

In “How to Be an Earthling”, aliens Flip & Mozi are busy exploring the planet and learning about animals of all kinds, from wolves and bees to Komodo dragons. This is another educational podcast but it’s presented in a fun and lively format. The aliens report on the ongoing feud between cats and dogs in one of our favorite episodes yet.

These are just a few faves from the FOTP team, give us a shout on social if we’ve missed your favorite and we’ll add it to the list!