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25 Pretty Female Dog Names

Written by FOTP Team


pretty dog in flowers

Don’t you just love admiring your pup? Whether you’ve got a well-groomed poodle or a delightfully scruffy terrier, your little lady deserves a pretty name. So we’ve put together a list of 25 favorites for your female furry friend, inspired by gemstones, goddesses, nature and more. Happy choosing!

1. Topaz

Source: Blue gemstone

There’s something mesmerizing about a dog with ice-blue eyes, which can be found in huskies, Weimaraners, and breeds with merle or piebald coats. If you love gazing into your pup’s peepers, this would be a pretty name for a dog.

2. Leilani

Source: Heavenly flower/ royal child

Is your pup a pedigree princess? Then this regal Hawaiian name might be the one to match her aristocratic lineage. Can’t you just picture her striking a noble pose on a windswept beach?

3. Lumen

Source: Light

This pretty dog name is a tribute to the fact that our four-legged friends are the lights of our lives. A lumen is a scientific measurement of light, making it an illuminating choice for a lady with brains as well as beauty. 

4. Zuri

Source: Beautiful

This gorgeous Swahili word is the perfect match for a gorgeous pooch. Did you know that the Basenji breed is still used for hunting in Africa today? In America, they’re popular for different reasons: they don’t bark, and they’ve got sweet temperaments. So Zuri would be a pretty dog name for your own Basenji best friend.

5. Mika

Source: Beautiful

If your four-legged friend is a Shiba Inu or an Akita, you might be considering a Japanese name. Mika not only has a lovely meaning, but it also sounds good being called across the park. 

6. Vada

Source: Famous ruler

The Germanic name Vada is a regal choice for the canine queen of your heart. It’s also the name of the heroine of the hit 1990s coming-of-age movie My Girl, so if that was an inspiration in your teenage years, this could be the pretty dog name for your pooch.

7. Carmel

Source: Garden, orchard

The USA is blessed with beautiful beaches, but not all are dog-friendly. At the arty town of Carmel in California, however, pooches are welcome to play all day long on the white sands. A stunning spot for a vacation with your new travelling partner. 

8. Melody

Source: Tune

Does your dog make your heart sing? Then call her a musical name such as Melody, Lyric, Sonata or Harmony. Don’t invite her to join in the chorus though – canines have many wonderful attributes, but a beautiful singing voice is not one of them!

9. Audrey

Source: Noble strength

Audrey Hepburn was one of the most striking stars of the silver screen. She was also a fervent dog lover whose pet Yorkshire Terriers and Jack Russells were part of her chic yet friendly image. A stylish, timeless choice and a pretty dog name.

10. Bonita

Source: Pretty

Bonnie is already a highly popular dog name – but this Spanish version has added Latin flair. In our eyes, every dog is pretty – even (or especially!) after a muddy walk. A cheerful choice for a cheeky Chihuahua. 

11. Rana

Source: Eye-catching

All dogs are beautiful in their own way – but some will really grab the attention of passers-by! Perhaps yours is a silky coated Golden Retriever? Or a Pomeranian fluffball? Or maybe you just like the sound of this pretty female dog name, which derives from the Arabic language. 

12. Meadow

Source: Floral field

If you can’t choose which bloom to name your dog for, Meadow covers them all! Can’t you just picture her racing through a flower-strewn pasture in the sunshine, tail wagging?

13. Chandra

Source: Moon

Some canines are just born soulful. Others enjoy howling at the moon! Either way, lunar names are fitting for many dogs. This pretty Sanskrit name is common in Hindu culture.

14. Daffodil

Source: Yellow spring flower

Happiness is a dog running through woodland sniffing out all those delicious spring scents. And for a pretty yet dopey dog, Daffodil is a fun choice – particularly if she’s a Welsh breed like a Corgi, as it’s the national flower of Wales. Whether you nickname her Daffy or Dilly, she’ll be your four-legged friend forever. 

15. Moana

Source: Ocean

If you’re looking for pretty dog names, Disney princesses are a rich source of inspiration. In the movie, Moana is loyal and adventurous – qualities that are in abundance in the canine world. For a furry friend who loves leaping into the ocean, Moana is a great choice.

16. Melba

Source: Dessert

Does your dog bring sweetness into your life? Then pick a delicious name that expresses your pooch’s delightful temperament. A twist on common sweet monikers such as Honey.

17. Lucia

Source: Light

Sparkling seas, breath-taking beaches, palm trees – St Lucia is a Caribbean island paradise. If there’s nothing you love more than seeing two parallel trails of footprints and pawprints in the sand, this is a cool option.

18. Dahlia

Source: Flower, branch

A dahlia is a beautiful bloom, while Dalia is a Hebrew name meaning “branch”. So this is a pretty female dog name for a pet who adores chasing sticks!

19. Sparkle

Source: Glisten in the light

For dog lovers, this name needs no explanation: quite simply, your pet puts the sparkle in your life. Just imagine all those glistening drops of water as she shakes her coat dry after a dip in a river!

20. Rainbow

Source: Arch of colors

As a dog owner, you need to be willing to walk in the most miserable of weathers - but it’s all worthwhile to see the joy it brings your canine companion. So celebrate the rain and the sunshine by choosing this colorful and pretty female dog name.

21. Jolie

Source: Pretty

This French word is good enough for a Hollywood superstar – but would it suit your pretty pooch? It’s a lovely, bouncy name for a pet who makes you smile.

22. Lilac

Source: Purple flower

Dogs puzzle out the world around them by having a good sniff. Even though you may not always appreciate their taste in smells, you can pick a suitably fragrant name. Lilac would make a pretty female dog name for a scent hound such as a Beagle. 

23. Cleopatra

Source: Glory of the father

The Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was clever, powerful, and beautiful. A magnificent name for any dog, but particularly a breed that originates from north Africa, like a Saluki. 

24. Orla

Source: Golden princess

What a perfect pick for a gold-coated canine such as a Golden Retriever. This name comes from Ireland, where it’s spelled Orlaith or Orlagh, making it a fabulous choice for an Irish setter as well.   

25. Georgia

Source: US State

Alaska, Dakota, Nevada – so many places in the USA make truly pretty female dog names. Choose the one that’s closest to your heart, because in no time at all, that’s exactly where your puppy will be, too!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we hope our list of pretty female dog names will give you food for thought. Enjoy the search for that meaningful moniker for your paw-fect pal!