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25 Unusual Names For Dogs

Written by FOTP Team


dog researching from a book

Searching for an unusual dog name that’ll stand out in a crowd and set your pup apart from the pack? If you want a dog name with a difference, we’ve got you covered. Pick one of the unusual names for dogs below and you can be sure it’ll be the only one that comes running next time you call out in the park.

1. Auburn

Gender: Male or female

Source: Reddish-brown

A twist on colorful classics like Snowy or Jet, this is a perfect unusual dog name for an Irish setter or any red coated pup. Red is a rare color for a hound, so yours deserves a name to match.

2. Nenet

Gender: Female

Source: Egyptian goddess of the deep

Celebrate your dog’s swimming prowess with this divine choice. You’re pretty much guaranteed there won’t be any other dogs with this unusual name at the beach.

3. Piccolo

Gender: Male

Source: Small in Italian

Small can be beautiful when it comes to our four-legged friends, particularly if you live in an apartment. This cute musical name is ideal for a pint-sized puppy.

4. Sicily

Gender: Female

Source: Italian island

Sicily is a gorgeous vacation destination and an equally gorgeous name for your hound. An unusual name for a dog with as much sparkle as the Mediterranean Sea.

5. Vash

Gender: Female

Source: Beautiful

This unusual dog name derives from the Persian for ‘beautiful’ – but it’s also the name of a Star Trek character. If you’re a Trekkie looking for an out-of-this-world name for your hound, this one’s a winner.

6. Tierra

Gender: Female 

Source: Earth

Got a dog who loves to dig or burrow? This Spanish word is a great choice for your pet, especially when she’s covered in mud!

7. Ezio

Gender: Male

Source: Eagle

If you’re the owner of an Italian greyhound, or another breed with a strong prey drive, you’ll appreciate this Italian/ Greek moniker. If you’re a gamer searching for unusual names for dogs, you’ll love the connection to the character in Assassin’s Creed, too. 

8. Kerouac

Gender: Male

Source: Famous American writer

The Beat generation pioneer wrote ‘On the Road’, making Kerouac a hip choice for the canine companion for your own adventures. 

9. Chesterfield

Gender: Male

Source: Open country in old Roman

If your pup likes running for miles and miles, a name meaning open country will make you think of wide open fields, perfect for adventures. This is also the name Jennifer Aniston chose for her four-legged Friend in real life. 

10. Bellamy

Gender: Male or female

Source: Fine friend

If you like Bella (one of the most popular dog names at the moment) but want a more unusual dog name for your buddy, then put this surname on your list. Meaning fine friend, this is the name of a pup who will stick by you through thick and thin.

11. Tuvalu

Gender: Male or female

Source: Island in the South Pacific

Ever dream of being somewhere remote with nobody but your dog for company? Then this island name is perfect for you. Perhaps there’s one that holds magical memories for you of a great vacation?

12. Callisto

Gender: Female

Source: One of Jupiter’s moons

If your canine goes a little crazy during a full moon, then Callisto is the one for you. We think this is the perfect unusual dog name for an energetic Collie. Would it work for your pup?

13. Mork

Gender: Male

Source: 1970s-1980s TV character

This is bound to raise a smile from fellow dog walkers of a certain age! This show starred Robin Williams, so choosing it would be a tribute to a comedy genius. Got a female pup, too? Then Mindy is the obvious pairing. 

14. Kiviuq

Gender: Male 

Source: Legendary Inuit hero

According to epic folktales of Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland, Kiviuq was a wanderer and hunter. What better name for the husky in your life?

15. Zora

Gender: Female

Source: First name of American writer

If you love nothing more than curling up on your couch with your pup and a good book, then look to literary giants such as Zora Neale Hurston for inspiration. Zora is one of the more yell-able unusual names for dogs, and you won’t feel silly doing it!

16. Nile

Gender: Male

Source: African river

If your pup can’t resist the water, look to the rivers, oceans and lakes for your unusual dog name inspiration. Nile is a top choice due to its simplicity: it passes the “shout across the park” test!

17. Peritas

Gender: Male

Source: Alexander the Great’s guard dog

Peritas lived in around 350 BC, making him the oldest hound on our list. He’s said to have helped win a battle by biting an elephant! While that’s not a key skill for guard dogs in modern-day America, this is still a great option for your protective pooch. 

18. Jofi

Gender: Female

Source: Sigmund Freud’s dog

Jofi was a chow-chow, highly prized by her master, the founder of psychoanalysis. Freud believed that she could pick up on humans’ emotions. For sensitive and intelligent pups, Jofi is a brilliantly unusual name for a dog.

19. Allegra

Gender: Female

Source: Lively

Could your four-legged friend be an Allegra? It’s an Italian word meaning cheerful and lively, which describes many canines to a T. Another good option for music lovers, too. Works for male dogs, too, if you switch to Allegro.

20. Quark

Gender: Male or female

Source: Scientific term

In physics, a Quark is a subatomic particle. In Germany, it’s a type of curd cheese. But you don’t have to be a scientist or a foodie to agree that it’s just a fun and unusual name for a dog. Movie fans from the 80s may also remember that it was the name of the canine star in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. 

21. Narnia

Gender: Female

Source: Fantasy books by CS Lewis

Many of us spent our childhoods lost in fantasy book worlds. Now you can make your dreams come true by naming your dog after your favorite land or character. Narnia would be a recognisable yet unusual dog’s name. 

22. Bertram

Gender: Male

Source: Bright raven

Is your pup super-intelligent? One of the most unusual dog names we’ve found, Bertram is an old Germanic name meaning ‘bright as the raven’. If your dog has a shiny black coat, even better.

23. Sona

Gender: Female

Source: Sanskrit for gold

Another unusual take on the tradition of naming your hound for the color of its coat, this simple yet beautiful Indian name would shine on a Golden Retriever. 

24. Zev

Gender: Male

Source: Hebrew name meaning wolf

Strange to think that your paw-fect pup is descended from the fearsome wolf. Whether yours is an imposing wolfhound or a teeny chihuahua, honor its ancestry with a wolf-like name.

25. Primrose

Gender: Female

Source: Woodland flower

Our woodlands are another rich source of inspiration. Can’t you just picture your new pup bounding along a forest path against a backdrop of spring flowers? The perfect unusual dog name for a smaller pup.

So that’s our list of unusual dog names. Which ones do you like best? Whatever name you choose, make sure it reflects your canine’s personality and it’s one you’re not going to get bored of saying several times a day!