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7 Best Dog Breeds for Active Families

Written by Ella White


Golden Retriever playing frisbee with family

7 Best Dog Breeds for Active Families

So you’ve decided to get a dog. It’s one of the most exciting times for kids, but if your family is always on the go, it’s important to research the dog breeds that will best fit your existing routine. Active families need active dogs that can keep up the pace rather than set it, and won’t be left struggling and exhausted after your long days out.

Here are the 7 best active dog breeds for families.

1. Labradors

One of the world’s most popular dog breeds, the Labrador Retriever is fully deserving of its reputation as the ultimate family pet. Their medium size, 10-12 year average life span, and friendly demeanor mean they’re easy to have around the house and a brilliant companion for young children.

Labradors are patient, eager to please, and easy to train. So you will have no trouble bonding with them and teaching them to be obedient both in and out of the home. And since they’re good at hunting, tracking, and diving a Labrador will have no trouble keeping up with an active family environment.

2. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers, like Labrador Retrievers, make great family pets because of their calm and friendly manner, medium size, and decent life expectancy. Originally bred for hunting waterfowl, they’re intelligent, obedient, and easy to train. 

Retrievers are good with children and other dogs, so you won’t need to worry about them around others if you’re an especially sociable family. And don’t be put off by their long coat – unlike Labradors that shed regularly, Retrievers only shed seasonally so you won’t end up with  a fur-covered home!

3. Beagles

Known as hunting dogs, Beagles are active, energetic, and intelligent – all qualities that make them perfect pets for active families. There’s no skipping walkies with a Beagle around as they love to be outdoors as much as possible, but as pack dogs they also love to relax with their family.

If you’re looking for a happy, curious pet that could give even the most active family a run for their money, a Beagle could be the perfect choice for you.

4. Irish Setters

Friendly and high-energy, Irish Setters make brilliant family pets due to their docile nature and obedience. They’re easy to train and were originally hunting dogs, so they’re used to taking cues and following commands.

As they’re large in size, Irish Setters need a lot of exercise – but that won’t be a challenge for active families. But don’t cramp them up in a small apartment. They love to run around and spend active time on their own as well as with children and other dogs.

5. Collies

Known best as sheepdogs famous for their herding abilities, Collies are loyal, obedient, and responsive. They’re easy to train, but are strong, fast, and very active so they’re not a good match for sedentary families. Though Collies like to relax at home, they need plenty of daily exercise and do best in rural or green areas where they have plenty of space to run free.

Collies respond well to training and commands and are great with children, so the time you dedicate to them will be rewarded with their affection and loyalty.

6. Springer Spaniel

Friendly, active, and adventurous, Springer Spaniels are a brilliant match for active families. They get on well with children and other dogs, and since they were originally bred as hunters they’re easy to train. 

However, Springer Spaniels have very high energy levels and need at least two hours of exercise each day. So prepare for long walks, trips to the park, and plenty of time running free in the garden.

If your family loves spending time outside, Springer Spaniels are a brilliant choice that will join you on trail hikes, runs, hunts, and lake swims with enthusiasm.

7. Boxers

Known for their active and energetic character, Boxers are great dogs for children as they thrive on exercise and affection. Take your Boxer out on hikes, runs, and plenty of long walks at the park and they’ll reward you with lifelong devotion. However, if they don’t get the exercise they need Boxers can become destructive and anxious.

As they’re intelligent and loyal, Boxers respond well to training and can quickly become an obedient and loving member of an active family.