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7 ways to celebrate National Best Friends Day with your dog

Written by Ella White


Dog next to lake with owner

7 ways to celebrate National Best Friends Day with your dog

Dogs are ‘a man’s best friend’ so we can’t think of any better way to celebrate National Best Friends Day than with our furry companions. We celebrate our dogs every day with love, cuddles, and walkies. But on June 8th, why not take a little more time to muse on all the great things our dogs do for us without even knowing it, and celebrate them by way of saying thanks.

1. Spend quality time outdoors

Your dog probably gets a good walk every day anyway, but on June 8th why not find the time to take them for an extra long stroll in the great outdoors? Whether they love the park, the forest, or the open fields, take your pooch to their favorite walking spot for a few hours and let them run wild (so long as it’s safe of course!) 

And if you’re struggling to make the time or find the energy, remember that dog walking has numerous health benefits for humans too. From improved physical health to reduced stress and better mental wellbeing, the advantages of walkies aren’t only for your dog.

2. Play for longer

Mental stimulation is vital for your dog’s health, which is why it’s so important to allow them time to play. It’s fun and relaxing for them, but also one of the main ways they learn about how things work in the world. You could even mark the day by giving them a new toy as a gift - you don’t have to spend a fortune either, rip an old tea towel into three strips and braid it, securing each end with knots, then stuff a couple of bits of kibble in and your dog will have a great time. 

Playing with your dog and giving them stimulating toys to play with is good for their physical health, and it also helps to reduce anxiety and any destructive behavior they might be displaying at home. So at the end of the day, you should have a pleasingly sleepy pup.

3. Spend time together

Walkies are a great time for bonding with your dog, but why not take it a step further? Arrange an outdoor date (or indoor, depending on the weather), like a picnic or a day out at the park where you can dedicate your time to playing and relaxing with your dog – no distractions.

Bonding with your pet isn’t done as soon as they’re trained and trust you. It’s a lifelong journey you take together, and spending quality time together every now and then reiterates that you love your pooch, and they love you back.

4. Go to the beach

It might not be possible for everyone, but if your dog loves water, find somewhere you can take them for a paddle or even get the hose out in the backyard. Swimming and playing in water is great exercise for dogs and it helps keep them mentally stimulated. Even throwing a ball into the water for them to chase and retrieve is enough to get them thoroughly worn out.

And if your pup isn’t a water baby, you’ll probably find they still love a frolic in the sand. Dogs often experience ‘zoomies’ on sand because they love the softness and how it moves under their weight as they sit or run on it.

5. Take a nap together

Okay so your dog was going to have a nap anyway so this is more of a treat for you. But if they’re settling down on the sofa, why not cuddle up with them and use the precious time together to relax and reset? 

When a dog sleeps near you it’s a sign they trust you and consider you to be a member of their pack, so why not return the sentiment? Sure, we all have a little cuddle with our pup when we’re watching TV in the evening or absent mindedly stroke them when we’re on the phone, but how often do you just chill with your dog when it’s just about them? 

6. Have a chat

Yes, really! The key to a healthy dog-owner relationship is communication. It’s one of the most important elements of training, and if you understand not only how to talk to your dog, but how they like to be talked to and what they respond best to then your relationship will be fruitful.

So take some time chatting with your dog and see how they respond depending on their mood and the different commands they’re given. Picking up on their body language can give surprising insight into how your dog thinks and feels.

7. Treat them to tasty and healthy food or treats

So you shouldn't be doing this every day, but perhaps on National Best Friends Day you’ll want to give your dog a few more treats than usual. And the best way to do that without worrying about their health is with treats that they love the taste of but that are good for their all-round well-being, too.

In fact, why not use June 8th to experiment with your dog's pallet and find a few new healthy snacks. Have you ever tried freezing some fat free yogurt with a little peanut butter and banana to make a pupsicle? Why not offer your dog some raw broccoli or carrot or perhaps a slice or two of apple or some blueberries? Lots of foods we consider healthy contains natural sugar so don’t go overboard but you might find your pups new favorite healthy snack and they’ve had a little smorgasbord for National Best Friends Day. 

If you want to keep it simple, Front of the Pack’s freeze-dried treats are made with raw animal protein so they taste great to dogs, and don’t contain any ingredients that could be detrimental to their health. And if a healthy, nutritious diet is top of your agenda, why not try air-fried food?

Front of the Pack’s dog food is cooked low and slow to lock in all the goodness from the pure, fresh ingredients. It’s made with organic foods you’ve probably heard of and eaten yourself, so you can guarantee that your furry bestie is getting all the vitamins they need with no added nasties. What better way to say I love you than by giving your dog a longer, happier, healthier life?