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15 Corgi Mixes That Are So Cute It Hurts

Written by FOTP Team


TechnoloGuy/Flickr - Creative Commons

The first Corgis were bred in the 12th century to be cattle herding dogs in Wales, and even though I’m sure it was extremely precious, we hadn’t totally realized the opportunity we had created. It was only a matter of time before we started to crossbreed Corgis with our other favorite dog breeds, and the rest is painfully adorable history.

Here are some of our favorite cute and cuddly Corgi crossbreeds:

1. A Poodle and a Corgi is a Corgipoo:

Toy poodles were already a crowd-pleaser before Corgis came along, and combining the two was sure to be a recipe for success. They tend to inherit the high emotional intelligence of both parent breeds, and with their soft, curly coats and squat frames, they’re easy to shower with love.

2. A Husky and a Corgi is a Horgi:

Listen, I’m not even sure how some of these dogs are conceived of, given that a dog like a Siberian Husky is usually significantly larger than a Corgi. Still, I’m glad that someone managed to make the science work. The Horgi has big, cute Husky paws, a fluffy Husky tail, and striking Husky eyes, but all in a little Corgi frame.

3. An Australian Sheep Dog and a Corgi is an Auggie:

Given that Corgis were initially bred in Wales to serve as herding dogs, it’s not that great a leap to mix it with an Australian herding dog, but sometimes the sum is greater than its parts, and that's never been more accurate than with the Auggie mix. You’re really just paying for a ball of fur when you get an Auggie, but at least it’s a cute ball of fur!

4. A German Shepherd and a Corgi is a Corman Shepherd:

On the one hand, German Shepherds are highly intelligent, often intimidating animals — prized for their aptitude for training. On the other hand, a Corgi is a cute little guy – prized for being cute. Corman Shepherds can be a little bit of both: intelligent, friendly, well-behaved, and cute as a dang button.

5. A Korean Jindo and a Corgi is a Jingi:

The Jindo is a protected breed in South Korea and was declared a national treasure in 1938 by the South Korean government. When you mix them with Corgis, it’s easy to see why. That also means that all Jindo dogs need to come from the Korean island of Jindo and need to be officially certified to be called Jindos, so these Jingi mixes are as illicit as they are adorable.

6. A Golden Retriever and a Corgi is a Golden Corgi:

Are you kidding me? Shouldn’t there be a law against something this cute? We all know and love Golden Retrievers for their loyalty, gentle demeanor, and high emotional intelligence (heck, they’ve even become a slang term for ideal boyfriends Those qualities are great and all, but somehow we’ve managed to pack them into a tiny little Corgi body, and I just… I can’t.

7. A Beagle and a Corgi is a Beagi:

Being a hybrid of the hound group and the herding group, Beagis have the potential to be a bit of a handful, but when you’re as cute as they are, you can get away with quite a lot. Beagies inherit many qualities that make them ideal family pets. They can be outgoing, good-natured, and well-behaved around other dogs and kids; just keep them away from small pets like birds or rodents. (Or as Beagies call them: snacks.)

8. A Terrier and a Corgi is a Corgier:

Corgiers are proof that even the most common breeds can be improved with a little Corgi in the mix. There are over 30 different types of Terrier breeds, and I’m sure each one is cuter than the last once they’re bred with Corgis.

9. A Shiba Inu and a Corgi is a Corgi Inu:

Given their similar size and coloring, you might not expect a Shiba Inu and Corgi mix to be all the notable, but you’d be surprised. If this mix of breeds takes off, we could be looking at a whole new ecosystem for Twitter and Instagram memes. All of the charms of the Corgi and the sharp looks of the Shiba Inu could make the Corgi Inu a viral superstar.

10. A Dachshund and a Corgi is a Dorgi:

Whoever decided to call this mix the Dorgi missed a real opportunity to name them Corgeenies, but either way, we’re looking at one heckuva cute little animal here. Both breeds have long bodies that sit low to the ground, so it’s a small wonder that crossbreeding them didn’t just give us some kind of furry dog-like tube. Actually, that is kinda what we ended up with, isn’t it?

11. A Pomeranian and a Corgi is a Corgiranian:

Too tiny! Too adorable! I won’t allow it! Somehow combining a Corgi with a Pomeranian makes the already short little Corgi frame even cuter and more compact, and frankly, it’s just too much. I mean, look at that thing. It’s too much to handle. Let’s move on.

12. A Collie and a Corgi is a Borgi:

I don’t often think about how I’ll eventually leave this world, but if it involves being trampled to death by a pack of excited, snuggly Borgi mixes, I know I’ll die a happy man. Too grim? Just look at those beautiful eyes, that little meatball body, and that infectious energy of the Collie/Corgi mix. You’ll forget about all your worries.

13. A Pekingese and a Corgi is a Pekingi:

Pekingese pups can be a little divisive. Some people love their flat little faces, soft fur, and constant need for affection. Sure, the breed can have some less desirable traits, but they’re pretty easy to look past once you’ve bred a Pekingese with a Corgi. It’s still as snuggly and flat-faced as before, but now with a little sprinkle of Corgi to soften some of the hard edges.

14. A Bernese Mountain Dog and a Corgi is a Bernorgi:

Again, how we managed to pair off a giant Bernese Mountain Dog with a Corgi is beyond comprehension for me, but I’m not complaining. It’s a little strange to see Corgi features on a dog that’s close to the size of a Bernese, but somehow it just works.

15. A Chihuahua and a Corgi is a Chigi:

As an esteemed dog brand journalist, I know how to craft a compelling story that keeps readers hooked until the end, which is why I’ve saved the best Corgi mix for last. The Chigi is a cross between a Corgi and a Chihuahua and is even more delightful than it has any right to be.