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5 Dog-Adoption Videos That Are Guaranteed to Make You Happycry

Written by FOTP Team


Some days, a cup of coffee is all it takes to get you where you need to be for the rest of the day. But some days, you need to watch somewhere between one and five preposterously heartwarming videos of dogs finding their forever homes and people finding their forever dogs before you’re ready to face the world. Nobody knows why this is, but those are the rules, so here’s a selection of really nice ones for you to peruse. See if you can get through all of them without tearing up. Or, you know, just get out the tissues and let it all out. That’s what this exercise is for anyway. 

Parents Surprise Daughter With Dog She Fell In Love With at the Shelter

She wasn’t allowed to get a dog, but volunteered at the shelter anyway, and (inevitably) fell in love with a special, sweet pup named Rambo. Here’s the video of her parents giving in and surprising her.

Girls Get the Puppy They Wanted After Thinking They’d Been Denied

These two little girls are about to get a puppy, but first they have to be subjected to the ultimate test to see if their love is true. (Spoiler: It is.)

Pit Bull Best Friends Have To Be Adopted Together

You know what’s even nicer than watching a dog find their forever home? Watching two of them — who are inseparable best friends — get adopted together! 

Dad Is Surprised With a Perfect Puppy for Christmas

When you’re a dad, sometimes your big Christmas present is a box of socks … but sometimes it’s your new best friend in the whole wide world! Try and guess which one of those this video is going to be. 

And Finally … a Compilation of Pups Finding Their People 

If you’ve survived this far without tearing up, well, good for you? But can you make it all the way through the rapid-fire round?

Oh, and before you go, there are plenty of adoptable pups here