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Would You Sleep in This Giant Dog Bed for Humans?

Written by FOTP Team


All photos: Plufl

A hundred years from now, our great grandchildren will be surprised to learn that their ancestors used to take unsatisfying naps on the couch or (God forbid) the floor, instead of luxuriating in giant, plush dog beds built for humans, as anyone with a modicum of common sense would choose to do. If they could speak to us across the void of time, they would say, “Why wouldn’t you choose to nap in an absolutely massive, plush dog bed? Is there something wrong with you?” And we would respond, “Actually, in our time, they only make dog-sized dog beds. Like, for dogs?” And then they would just shake their heads sadly, marveling at our primitive minds — addled, no doubt, by all the uncomfortable napping we’ve been doing. 

Fortunately, the happy future of napping is actually closer than you might think, thanks to a prototype napping bed called The Plufl, which is made of high-quality orthopedic foam, has handles for easy storage and transport, and comes with a soft pillow border that will gently cradle you as you sleep. And yes, it’s a dog bed. But, like, for humans. Your dog’s invited too, of course — and they’ll be glad to join you now that you’ve finally seen the light.