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This Dog's Family Made His Day by Building Him a "Fence Window"

Written by FOTP Team


dog looking out through window in a fence

All photos courtesy of Alex Mcleish

Have you ever sat down in a movie theater only to have the tallest person in the whole place choose a seat right in front of you? It’s no fun having an obstructed view, right? But what if that happened to you at home, EVERY SINGLE TIME you sat down to watch your favorite shows? Surely it’s not hyperbole to say that this would be an unspeakable tragedy. Well, up until recently, this was the sad fate of an exceptionally good boy named Harry, who loved nothing more than to watch other good boys and girls walk past his yard despite the giant fence obscuring most of his view.

So we don’t leave you in suspense — this story has a happy ending — but first, let’s meet our hero. This is Harry, smiling joyfully despite his obstructed view, because his heart is full of love and light, even in an unjust world. 

Harry the dog, smiling

Watching for new friends through the fence is not Harry’s only hobby. He is a dog of many interests and pursuits. He likes, for instance, to wear raincoats.

Harry the dog wearing a raincoat

But his true passion is watching the world through his (aforementioned) garden fence. The previous fence, which had no gaps, had been knocked down by a storm, but the new one had just enough daylight for Harry to become enraptured by the world outside. And this is where our melancholy story of a beautiful soul struggling with adversity turns into one of triumph, hope, and light, thanks to some quick thinking and ingenuity from Harry’s family. It all started when Harry’s person, Alex, noticed that he had flecks of gray paint on his nose. 

Harry the dog with grey paint on his chin

She was quick to deduce that this must have been due to Harry’s newfound habit of sticking his face through the fence whenever other dogs passed by. 

Harry the dog looking through the fence

She mentioned this to her father, suggesting as a joke that — despite having just rebuilt the fence — they should modify it to include a window. Recognizing the wisdom in this suggestion, Alex’s father got to work, and by the end of the day Harry’s world was transformed.

Here he is, enjoying the bespoke Fence Window that he deserves. 

Harry the dog looking through his fence window

And here he is expressing his gratitude for a job extremely well done. 

Harry the dog smiling next to his new fence window

Gaze on, Harry. You earned this. 

Harry the dog gazing through his fence window

Thanks to Alex Mcleish for these delightful photos! You can find her on Twitter here