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Famous Pomeranian Dogs

Written by Ella White


Beautiful Pomeranian trotting towards camera

Famous dogs are nothing new. As long as there’s been celebrity, there’s been celebrity dogs. And one theme remains the same: the cuter, the better. Plenty of celebrities pick adorable toy breeds as their dogs of choice, as they’re so much easier to take everywhere with them.

And it’s no surprise that Pomeranians are one of the most popular breeds when it comes to famous dogs. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most famous Pomeranian dogs, from those with celebrity owners to those that are celebrities in their own right.


Boo the Pomeranian was, at one time, the most famous dog in the world. Riding the first wave of internet celebritydom, Boo had over 5 million followers on social media and raked in just as many likes with each and every post they shared. 

Often trimmed into an adorable bubble-like hair cut, this adorable fluff ball took the internet by storm between 2006-2019.

Famous socialites of the 00s, Paris and Nicole were known for always having their cute dogs in tow. Paris’ Pom Kimchi and Nicole’s Pom Foxy often made appearances on their popular TV show The Simple Life.

The Osbornes

Both Sharon Osborne and her daughter Kelly are big Pom fans. Between them they own a number of Pomeranian dogs, all of which are rescues. Like Paris and Nicole’s dogs, the Osborne Poms have also had a little taste of celebrity on screen, having appeared on Meet the Osbornes among other TV slots with their famous owners.

Check out Kelly’s inspiring devotion to her beloved Pom Polly in this video


Jiff, known online as Jiffpom, isn't just an internet celebrity with over 9.5 million Instagram followers He’s also a Guinness World Record holder, with records for being the most-followed animal on social media, the world’s fastest dog, and being able to walk the farthest on two legs. 

That’s right: impressive Jiff can walk 5m on just his front legs, and 10m on his hind legs! He’s much more than just a pretty face.

Dog lover LeAnne owns three Pomeranians named Joey, Raven, and Jude. But that’s not all: the country singer is a huge animal lover and also owns a Boston Terrier, a German Shepherd, two Chihuahuas, and two Bengal cats!

The King of Rock and Roll was also a pom fan. Elvis bought his mum, Gladys, a Pomeranian called Sweet Pea. When his mother passed, Sweet Pea was looked after by Elvis along with another Pom called Edmund. 

Proving Poms aren’t just popular with modern day celebrities, Queen Victoria is known to have owned Pomeranians and been very influential in increasing their popularity. As a lover of Poms, Queen Victoria owned several of the breed throughout her lifetime. Three were named Marco, Gina and Turi. It’s also believed that Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, owned Pomeranians.

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