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Is a Dachshund the Right Dog For You?

Written by Anna Hollisey


Dapple Dachshund sitting pretty

There are many ifs and whats involved in choosing a dog – and we’ll get into some of them here – but first, let us tell you a secret; whoever you pick will wind up being the best dog in the world. Strange but true!

What are Dachshunds Really Like?

Best thing about dachshunds? Everything! This charming little dog has a fun personality and generally loves life. If you tend towards gloom or pessimism, it’s going to be a lot harder with this little dude at your side. Okay. Let’s dig into some facts about this brilliant breed. 

  • Dachshunds x Squirrels. It is widely known that the squirrel is the arch enemy of the dachshund. If you have squirrels in your yard (or scampering past your windows), be warned that battles could commence. 
  • The dachshund can be a digger. It comes from their heritage as prized badger-seekers (read more about that below). 
  • Dachshunds (or sausage dogs) look adorable but in their souls, they are mighty protectors. They will bark and defend their pack with stubborn persistence… which can be loud and might become annoying, if you live in an apartment. 
  • This stubborn nature also makes dachshunds more challenging to train. But it’s totally achievable – stick with reward-based techniques and your dachshund will be keen to please. 
  • While their legs make them unsuitable for mountain jumps, dachshunds still love to run. This isn’t a low-energy breed: sausage dogs will require moderate walking every day, and also show quite surprising stamina!
  • Keeping your dachshund well-exercised is an important aspect of their healthcare, since strong, lean muscles will protect both spine and overall health. 
  • Dachshunds have a good life expectancy of around 12-16 years. 

A Short History of the Dachshund

Have you ever wondered why the dachshund has its long sausage shape? Bred to wriggle into tunnels. Why? To winkle out badgers for German farmers, of course. 

If you’ve ever met a badger, you may now be admiring the dachshund’s dauntless bravery. Badgers are notoriously grouchy and very good at snapping their enemies’ legs. So the dog bred to match them had to be one of the bravest, loudest, and smartest dogs in Europe. That’s the dachshund!

After being used to hunt badgers in the 17th century, these tenacious little scent-hounds were used to hunt other prey, like wild boar. In 1840 the dachshund traveled to Great Britain, where Queen Victoria fell in love with them. Soon afterwards the breed was introduced to the US, where (despite a blip in German-world relations, which saw its popularity dip) it has been adored ever since. Which, if you ask us, is only good and just. 

These days you can find standard and miniature dachshunds in smooth-haired, long- and short-haired varieties, and delicious colors including tan and chocolate, blue, red, and sable. 

What Kind of Owner Does a Dachshund Like?

You’re the kind of owner who loves being outdoors in any weather. But you’re not a marathon runner; you’re more of an adventurer. Dachshunds like sniffing and, well, attempting to track stuff. Thanks to their brisk and hardy upbringing, they love a walk through the woods. (If your dog’s a long-haired type, you’ll want to brush them often to get rid of that low-hanging mud!)

Perhaps you’re an owner who likes a dog to be a loyal and faithful companion. Maybe you’re alone or enjoy solitude. Dachshunds have the hearts of guard dogs and won’t be afraid to bark noisily at potential disturbers! And if you’re home a lot, they’re elated – they love to chill with their favorite people and they make excellent couch buddies.