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12 Dogs Who Want You to Know That It's National Rescue Dog Day

Written by FOTP Team


Friday May 20 is National Rescue Dog Day, a day when we celebrate the dogs who’ve pushed through hardship and adversity and rescued a lucky family with their presence. But don’t take it from us — take it from these 12 incredible advocates for dog rescue and rescue dogs, currently awaiting their forever homes at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Elton John

Elton John’s passions are hanging out with feline friends, entertaining himself quietly like a good boy with his dog toys, and looking up at you with his big soulful eyes and reminding you that it’s National Rescue Dog Day.   


Amity can’t decide whether she likes dogs or people more. All she knows is that she likes them both A LOT. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, or … literally wherever. And she’s keen for you to know that it is, in fact, National Rescue Dog Day. 


Rotisserie is a little bit shy, but she’s pretty sure she’ll come right out of her shell if she meets a patient person and maybe an older brother or sister to show her the ropes. She’s way too bashful to mention that it’s National Rescue Dog Day, but, well, it’s on her mind. 


Griddle is also a little bit shy, but it may be because she’s wondering how a dog with her absolutely stunning good looks ended up with a goofball name like Griddle. She’s also wondering whether you’ve heard about National Rescue Dog Day?


What can we say about Carl that hasn’t been said already? Carl is a mensch. He’s a sport. He’s a regular Johnny on the spot. Carl will always be there when the chips are down, and he’ll be the first to bring up National Rescue Dog Day when there’s a call out for dogs to remind folks about National Rescue Dog Day. 


Well, well, well, look who’s here. It’s Zorro Like his namesake, Zorro is the type of guy who struts calmly into town when there’s trouble afoot and by the end of the day everyone’s kicking back, sipping on a frosty beverage, and just kind of feeling the vibes. For Zorro, every day is National Rescue Dog Day.


Jane wants only two things in life: For you to jump in that ball pit with her … and for you to know that it’s National Rescue Dog Day. 


Burgundy is a senior dog who’s been around the block a few times. In fact, walking around the block is one of his very favorite things, right alongside smelling stuff and sleeping. And — ever so gently — reminding you that it’s National Rescue Dog Day. 

Patti Mayonnaise

Meet Patti Mayonnaise — just “Patti” to her friends, which is literally everybody, so the Mayonnaise never gets any use. Patti is as sweet as a Peppermint Patty and as smooth as Mayonnaise, and she wants to get this National Rescue Dog Day business out of the way so y’all can skip right to playing fetch.


That’s Lotus, second from the right on a car trip out with the other gals. Lotus likes to chill out and be nice and have a nice time and let you know that a certain day that rhymes with “Rational Bless You, Hog” Day has, indeed, come around again.


Heidi likes to take life slow. She’s a “stop and smell the treats” type of girl. And a “stop and eat the treats” type of girl. In fact, she’d like to know if you have any treats? And whether you’ve heard about National Rescue Dog Day.


Whoa, is it already time for Norberta Norberta’s a secret weapon. She sees more with one eye than most people see in their whole lives. And what she mostly sees is people who need her to give them a great big hug, lick their goofy, people faces, and remind them just with her sweet and loving presence that it’s National Rescue Dog Day — that magical day when you get rescued by a special dog like Norberta.