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New Year Resolutions for You and Your Dog

Written by Anna Hollisey


Aussie shepherd and Pekingese  celebrating New Years with some pawsecco

It’s that time of year again, when we all come up with a load of promises to ourselves to improve our lives. Without meaning to sound too cynical, most New Year's resolutions don’t make it past January. But what about if your resolution wasn’t just for you but for your dog too? Would you be more inclined to stick to one of these resolutions if breaking it meant having to look into the deep, soulful eyes of your trusting companion? 

Make Time For a Daily Walk

A daily walk is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. If you are prevented from walking by health or schedule, resolve to increase the number of days on which you walk. 

If you already go for a walk every day – and some surveys show that up to 50% of owners don’t – then how about upping your distance, or attempting a ‘dog and me’ 5k? can increase your fitness level by changing your route to include an uphill section, or jogging for part of it! Just make sure you’re wearing suitable shoes or boots before you start running through the woods.

Sign Up For Refresher Training

No, they’re never too old for dog training! Refresh your dog’s basic skills at a class. It might be one of the hardest resolutions on your list, but it will increase your bond as well as their behavior. You could even sign them up for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen certificate. It tests your dog for 10 key skills which make them a calm and respectful member of society.

Try a Dog Hobby

Would your dog love watercolor painting or archery? Just kidding. But there is a surprisingly large range of hobbies for dogs. You could try gundog classes, flyball, or Fast CAT – find sessions all over the US via the AKC website here At home, it’s easy to get started in fun dog stuff using outdoor equipment and a Youtube tutorial…

Get into Grooming

When it comes to pet-grooming at home, ‘little and often’ is the key. If your dog can accept a brush, you can fend off matts and tangles before they happen. And that’s something you’ll be really pleased about when your dog reaches old age. Trust us. Help your dog to enjoy a bath and groom this year – stay relaxed, get bubbly, and brush them gently. Since gentle affection boosts endorphins for dogs and their humans, this is a brilliant resolution for both of you. 

Stop Putting Your Dog on Instagram

Just kidding. Your dog loves wearing funny costumes and hats, right? It’s cool. Carry on.

Stop Scraping Leftovers into Your Dog’s Bowl 

Although it does feel kinda wrong to waste leftover mashed potato and gravy, you’d actually be doing your dog a favor. Older dogs, in particular, can begin to accumulate unwanted weight due to a lifetime of scraps. If you have a large family, you probably wind up with lots of leftovers. It’s wasteful but not wrong to tip them into the food waste or compost – it will help to keep your dog healthy for longer. 

Try a New Game with Your Dog

We have tons of ideas/learn/dog-training/does-my-dog-need-a-hobby for this on our blog!/learn/dog-training/what-jobs-can-i-give-my-dog You could teach your dog how to play Hide and Seek, Fetch, or even sign up for Agility. At home, hiding treats or your dog’s fave toy is a fun game that doesn’t require much effort – and will help your dog to expend some mental energy!

Be More Patient with Your Dog

Believe us… we know it isn’t always easy, but a calm, relaxed owner makes for a better-behaved dog. Professional trainers know that scolding or shouting at our dogs makes them defensive, more prone to aggression, and less likely to obey. Patient training can be completed in half the time compared with training using punishments. So when your dog drags half a roast turkey onto the couch, keep your voice low and your body language slow and firm. Your dog will respond better and you’ll be able to keep control of the situation. 

Try a Supplement to Improve Your Dog’s Health

You’re in the right place to discover supplements that can boost your dog’s health for 2023! 

The One/products/the-one is our fabulous all-rounder which works hard to improve your dog’s mental health, joints, skin, immune and digestive systems. It’s beloved by thousands of doggy customers who have seen it make a positive difference in their lives.

If your dog is prone to anxiety, Harmony/products/harmony is specially formulated for mental health. It is packed with natural ingredients to promote calmness and alleviate stress. 

And then there’s Soothe/products/soothe – designed to improve your dog’s skin and digestive system, which can cause a surprising range of health concerns. If your dog has a nervous stomach or itchy bits, this supplement might help their bodies to come into balance.