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12 Dogs to Appreciate for Pet Appreciation Week (After You've Appreciated Your Own Dog)

Written by FOTP Team


It’s Pet Appreciation Week starting on Monday, June 5, which can be difficult for a lot of pet owners, because we’re already appreciating at pretty close to full capacity for most of the year. But it’s important to make the extra effort, whether that’s by getting them some extra-nice treats/treats, springing for some new chew toys, or taking them to their favorite dog park to meet with friends. It’s also a good week to reflect on how much our pets give back to us every day just by being their goofy, loveable selves. So be sure to give your pets some extra love this coming week, but if you need a bit of practice — or if you just have an abundance of appreciation to bestow — you can get in the right frame of mind by appreciating these boys and girls. 

The Ridiculously Gifted Leaf Jumper

Here’s a dog who has a passion for leaf piles. Appreciate her majestic jumping, her enthusiasm, and her dedication to craft. 

The Dog Whose Person Dressed as Her Favorite Toy

Here’s a dog who loves her toys and loves her person. Appreciate her look of sheer, almost overwhelming joy when she realizes what’s happening. 

The Criminal Who Was Caught in the Act

This dog was caught in the middle of a criminal act of paper-towel shredding. Appreciate her absolutely brazen reaction. 

The Puppy Who Learned to Climb the Stairs

Here’s a preposterously cute puppy learning to climb the stairs. Appreciate an accomplishment that is on par with those of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. 

The Dog Who’s So Excited by a Ball That She Flips Over It

Here’s a dog who loves the giant pink orb. Appreciate her absolutely unparalleled enthusiasm. 

The Dog Who Tried to Hide an Entire Sandwich in His Mouth

It’s not the crime — it’s the incredibly poorly conceived coverup. Appreciate the effort anyway. 

The Dog Who Is Best Friends With a Butterfly

Milo is best friends with a butterfly. Appreciate his sweet nature and beautiful soul.

The Dog Who Tells On Her Friend

These dogs are best friends, but sometimes you have to just look out for yourself. Appreciate the lack of any compunction whatsoever. 

The Hilarious Popcorn-Eating Comedian

Meet one of the greatest comedians of all time. Appreciate the collaborative effort between dog and baby to produce a truly joyful moment. 

The Extremely Serious Tug-of-War Retrievers

These guys mean business! Appreciate the seriousness they bring to their work.

The Dog With a Singular Passion for Serveware

This guy loves bowls. Like, he’s really into bowls of all kinds. Appreciate the connoisseur. 

The Dog Who Meets His New Puppy for the First Time

Finally, here’s a dog who is appreciating his own pet for Pet Appreciation Week. Appreciate the appreciation!!!