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This Photographer's Helping Shelter Pets Get Adopted With Glamor Shots

Written by FOTP Team


All photos: Maggie Epling Photography

Maggie Epling is a photographer who’s been volunteering at her local animal shelter in  Pike, Kentucky. When she learned from other volunteers at the shelter that black animals may have more difficulty getting adopted — partially due to superstition about black cats that can carry over to dogs — she decided to put her photography skills to work to give the sweet boys and girls at her shelter a better chance of finding forever homes.

Epling makes an effort to get to know the animal before taking their portrait, and then creates a beautiful glamor shot that’s featured on the shelter’s page. And her campaign to show off the beauty and personality of these animals is already working. From the moment her portraits started appearing online, the shelter has been inundated with calls, and the shelter dogs she’s featured are already beginning to find homes. Here are a few of her awesome photos.