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Please Look at These Absolutely Adorable Tiny Versions of People’s Dogs

Written by FOTP Team


All photos courtesy of Little Felted Friends: Instagram / Website

Have you ever felt like the only thing that could make your dogs even more perfect would be if they had preposterously cute, 3-inch-tall replicas of themselves to cuddle with? Of course you have felt that way. Everyone feels that way. It’s the only reasonable way to feel once you’ve seen what Little Felted Friends can do with a little bit of wool and a picture of your pup. The artist behind this absolutely essential operation is Alyson Gurney, who was inspired to create her adorable felted miniatures by her adopted puppy Drift (so-named because he had been rescued from a snowdrift). She’s made miniatures of dogs belonging to celebrities like Paris Hilton, Michael Strahan, and Kelly Clarkson, but you don’t have to be famous to get one of your own Here are a few of the ones she’s made — you can find more by following her on Instagram

For more photos of pups with their adorable miniatures, follow Little Felted Friends on Instagram, and if you’re interested in ordering your own, you can find Alyson’s work on her website