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The Benefits Of Green Tea For Dogs

Written by Ella White


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Green tea has been considered a soothing remedy for humans for thousands of years. It’s known to contain calming properties that ease the mind, treat anxiety, and can have wide ranging physical benefits when taken regularly. But did you know your dog could benefit from this same natural source of wellness?

Here we’ll explain the benefits of green tea, how to feed it to your dog (hint: it’s not in a mug of hot water), and what you should know before adding green tea to their diet.

What Is Green Tea For Dogs?

Green tea comes from the tea plant Camellia sinensis and is picked from young shoots before they mature into black tea. Oxidation changes green tea leaves into black tea leaves, and during this process they lose some of their active ingredients, catechin. 

Catechin is an antioxidant that is thought to protect DNA and reduce the risk of cancer cells forming. It’s also reported to reduce inflammation in the liver and gastrointestinal tract. So by feeding your dog green tea, you could be helping to prevent issues from forming as well as treating existing ailments.

The Benefits Of Green Tea For Dogs

Green tea boosts dogs’ immune systems the same way it does for humans. So if your dog has any issues that would benefit from the addition of antioxidants then it’s likely green tea would be good for them. Many kinds of tumours are inhibited by green tea, including those in the stomach, gallbladder, lung, intestine, and pancreas. 

In animals, the catechins of green tea have been found to concentrate in the liver and digestive tract which is why it’s especially useful in treating diseases in these organs.

Green Tea For Fighting Cancer

A Japanese study found that prostate cancer stopped progressing in men who started drinking 5 cups of green tea per day. A similar study was carried out on a Labrador with lymphoma who wasn’t reacting to traditional medicine. After green tea was introduced to their diet their lymph nodes returned to a healthy size within weeks.

Of course, herbs and non-traditional medicines should not be considered the first point of treatment in sick animals. But your vet might be able to help you introduce green tea to your sick dog’s diet to attempt to stop the spread of cancer.

Green Tea For The Immune System

Antioxidants, which are found in high numbers in green tea, work by boosting the immune system and halting cell damage. That’s why they’re so effective in fighting cancer – but it also makes it a brilliant ingredient for preventing and curing other illnesses too. By bolstering their immune system, green tea helps your dog live a healthy life with a lower risk of disease and infection. So by feeding your dog green tea, you’ll be saving their wellbeing and your vets bills all in one go.

Side Effects Of Green Tea For Dogs

Despite its reputation as a healthy plant, an overdose of green tea can actually lead to death in dogs. Because green tea contains low levels of caffeine it can cause insomnia and nervousness in some dogs. Some reports of contradictory effects also include kidney inflammation, gastrointestinal ulcers, and heart disease.

Green tea can also increase blood pressure, cause digestive issues, and even asthma when served in high doses. However it’s generally considered to be a very safe food that will do your dog far more good than harm when served in the correct dosages.

How To Feed Green Tea To Dogs

Green tea for dogs comes in many forms. And though they can, technically, lap up a cup of cooled green tea you’ve brewed yourself, it's unlikely to be their favourite way to consume this health-giving ingredient. There are green tea sprays designed to neutralise dog odour, chewable tablets you can put in their food, and supplements that can become part of their daily diet.

If you choose to invest in a green tea supplement for your dog rather than feeding them pure green tea leaves in their food, it’s important to research the manufacturer to ensure they will be getting the correct dosage. 

Front of the Pack’s The One supplement is an 8-in-1 health giving blend of clinically proven ingredients to boost your dog’s health. By feeding them green tea with a mix of other beneficial ingredients, your dog’s mental, physical, and immune health all reap the positive effects. In The One, green tea acts to kill bacteria in the body. It’s complemented by MSM that fights inflammation, taurine that also has antioxidant benefits, and immunity-building ashwagandha as well as other health-boosting ingredients.

Green tea is packed with goodness that your dog can benefit from. And though official studies in dogs are limited compared to those in humans, the overall positive effects of green tea are sure to support your dog’s long, healthy life.