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Why Your Dog Needs A Collagen Supplement

Written by Ella White


All dog owners will agree that protecting our pet’s health is a priority. And just like we take supplements to improve our wellbeing and top up any vitamins we might be lacking, dogs can benefit from the same treatments to help protect their important functions.

Dog supplements can help keep them healthy later in life, so even if you have a young and healthy puppy, supplements are a great way to set them up for a life of good health. And one of the most important supplements that dogs have been found to need more than others is collagen

What is collagen?

Collagen is a natural protein found in animals and humans that’s responsible for many of our key health functions. Some of collagens main benefits are:

  • Making connective tissues like ligaments and tendons 
  • Creating healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Making up the tissues that create organs like heart and lungs 

This vital mix of responsibilities makes collagen one of the most important proteins in your dog’s body. And, as they get older, collagen begins to break down. In humans, we’ll notice our skin wrinkles and our joins ache. And the same is true for dogs.

Why does your dog need collagen?

When your dog’s collagen begins to break down due to old age, you may notice them experiencing more trouble getting up and down the stairs. They may get tired quickly after brisk exercise, and their once-shiny coat of fur may become dull. These are just some of the signs that your dog doesn’t have enough health-giving collagen in their body anymore.

The good news is, these symptoms of low collagen are reversible and easy to manage. Though it's natural that dogs will become more tired and slow in their old age, some of the more aesthetic symptoms caused by a lack of collagen can be helped by simply adding a collagen supplement into their diet.

The benefits of collagen supplements for dogs

A collagen supplement can help promote your dog's natural collagen production – and there’s no need to wait until they're old and starting to lose their natural resources to start this process. In fact, if you start a collagen supplement when your dog is young, you can actually help prevent the loss of healthy collagen later in life.

Front of the Pack’s The One/products/the-one supplement is targeted to support your dog’s joints and mobility. It contains curcumin, as well as MSM to support the immune system and chondroitin to protect their joints.

The benefits of collagen supplements for dogs are both internal and external. They include a reduced risk of injury, improved skin and fur health, and a healthier digestive system.

  1. Reduced joint pain

A study published in the American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences found that the introduction of a collagen supplement in a dog's diet "significantly reduced stiffness and lameness." This is because the collagen works to lubricate the joints, easing discomfort and increasing mobility. 

  1. Reduced risk of injury

The same study found that dogs who received the supplement were more active, probably because they were able to move without pain. This has longer lasting benefits, as it will allow your dog to continue exercising as they get older. If a dog can no longer get the exercise it needs, they will be unable to keep their muscles strong and, in turn, will be more susceptible to injuries such as sprains and strains.

  1. Improved skin and fur health

Your dog's hair and skin is 70% collagen. So it makes sense that introducing more good, healthy collagen into their diet will improve the appearance of their coat and the health of their skin. Improving the condition of the skin can reduce itching and irritation, and has even been found to improve the strength of your dog's nails, preventing painful issues like cracked nail beds.

  1. Aids a Healthy Digestive System 

If your dog has a delicate digestive system a collagen supplement might help, as it’s the protein that makes up the tissue of the digestive system and provides a strong cellular structure for the organs. Collagen also contains large doses of amino acids, which are an essential ingredient for healthy digestion. That extra boost to the digestive system can help decrease vomiting and gas, and keep your dog’s bowel movements healthy and regular.

How to increase your dog’s collagen intake

There are a variety of ways you can introduce a collagen supplement to your dog's diet, including our The One/products/the-one supplement. You'll also find pills, powders, and treats on the market that promise to bring a boost of collagen to your dog's system. 

Another easy way to increase your dog’s collagen intake from home is by feeding them bone broth liquid. Bone broth liquid offers a high dose of protein, amino acids, and other nutrients that your dog needs, alongside that all-important collagen. It's also an easy way to get even the pickiest dogs to take their supplements because they love the way it smells and tastes.

Front of the Pack supplements are designed to be sprinkled into your dog’s food daily, so they’ll never even know their diet has changed – they’ll just feel the results later. As bone broth liquid comes directly from the bones of animals, something that dogs would enjoy naturally in the wild, it’s the perfect way to mix your supplement into their diet for maximum enjoyment – and maximum collagen intake. You can even mix bone broth and Move supplement into their normal food if your dog is on a dry food diet that needs a collagen boost. 

So whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy, have adopted an older dog, or are starting to see signs of aging in your family pet, it’s never too late to start them on a healthy diet that’s rich in collagen.