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The Joy of Puppies

Written by Ella White


If you love dogs as much as we do, then every day will feel like National Puppy Day. The simple joys that our sweet, innocent furry friends can bring to our lives is unrivalled. And so, to celebrate this special day just for them, we’ve spent some time musing on the best things about puppies and the pure, joyful moments that puppies bring to their owners.

The first day with your puppy

Let’s start at the beginning: the day you bring your new puppy home can feel like one of the most exciting days of your life. Okay, so it can be slightly stressful and scary – but what great thing isn’t? The pure joy of cuddling your pup and introducing them to their new home is an experience you’ll always remember.

The training

No, we’re not kidding! Training itself might feel like a slog sometimes, but remember the thrill each time you experience a breakthrough? Teaching your puppy to obey commands is a brilliant bonding experience and, let’s be honest, even when they’re messing about and ignoring you it’s still too cute to be truly annoying.

Meeting new people

Seeing the joy your puppy brings to everyone is a true proud parenting moment. From smiles in the street to cuddles with friends and family, the love of a puppy is never exclusive to its owners. Just about everyone has their day improved when they meet a pup.

Their first walk

The unbridled excitement of your puppy’s first outdoor adventure is a moment to cherish. They might stop and want to be carried – but who can resent extra cuddle time? The first successful walk on a leash is another happy moment that marks the beginning of a fruitful companionship.

Every walk together

 Though their first walk might feel like a milestone, every walk you share with your puppy is a moment to enjoy. In fact, many dog owners note that their quality of life as well as their mental and physical health are greatly improved by the necessity of dog walks. It’s some quiet time to yourself, enjoying the outdoors with your dog – and what could be better than that?

Their first holiday

If you’re lucky enough to experience holidays with your dog, you’ll understand the extra dose of joy they bring to even the happiest places. Sure, holidays are always wonderful. But with your best furry friend by your side they’re just a little bit better. Especially when you get to witness their excitement as they  experience new places, like the beach and the ocean, for the first time.

Playing with your puppy

A puppy’s capacity for fun seems endless – so enjoy it! Those playful months may not last forever so every moment spent frolicking with your fun-loving pup should be enjoyed. Chasing balls, nipping your heels, and limitless cuddles are some of the true joys of puppy parenting.

Those puppy cuddles

On the carpet, on the sofa, or if they’re lucky even in your bed – nothing beats a puppy cuddle. Take them while you can get them as many dogs grow out of this touchy phase. But every time they snuggle down next to you will be a happy moment.

The cuteness

Of course we always think our dogs are the cutest. But it can’t be denied that nothing beats the puppy phase. Their super soft, fluffy fur, the baby teeth and cute, innocent face makes them extra loveable and cuddle-able. It helps to form the love we have for them that lasts throughout their lifetime.

Puppies are actually good for us

Studies have shown that puppies reduce stress, improve childhood development, and even reduce doctors visits. This is because they help us exercise more, give us a feeling of companionship even when we’re otherwise alone, and can give life a sense of purpose. All of these factors improve our physical and mental wellbeing and lead to a better quality of life for humans of all ages. 

So if you need convincing that a puppy is worth having, let this be what sways you! Happy National Puppy Day.