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Episode 12 of 12

A happier, healthier dog - summary & next steps

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I hope you enjoyed Front Of The Pack’s course on how you can nurture a happier, healthier dog. Below is a quick summary of everything we learned.


  • Pay attention to whether the food is actually nutritious and certified by industry bodies like AAFCO
  • Get a better understanding of how much food your dog should be eating
  • Be aware of the most toxic foods to dogs — chocolate, caffeine, grapes, raisins and seeds are all poisonous!


  • Assess your dog’s individual exercise needs based on its age, breed and other health limitations
  • As a general guideline, almost all dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • Exercise is a great way for dogs to release stress, as well as strengthening muscles and joints

Home Life

  • Setting boundaries around what your dog can and cannot do is important for allowing to be better-behaved and more loveable dogs
  • Restricting their space and their feeding times isn’t cruel! Dogs look to you to be their leader
  • Scheduling playtime provides mental stimulation for dogs, but it can also be a great training tool — it allows them to better understand what’s acceptable to chew


  • Socializing with humans and other dogs is important to do as soon as possible in a dog’s life. This allows them to understand what good etiquette looks like and reduces the chance of them developing behavioral issues later in life


  • Paying attention to your dog’s diet, providing structure and routines (whilst of course providing lots of hugs) is all part of showing love to your dog
  • Keeping a dog by your side 24/7 is likely to lead to unhealthy attachment bonding — such that a dog may become highly distressed when you leave them if only for a short while

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