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Learn How To Nurture A Happier, Healthier Dog

Welcome to Front Of The Pack’s course on how to nurture a happier, healthier dog — taught by Dr. Jamie Peyton one of the world’s leading integrative and animal wellness veterinarians.

What you’ll get from this course

Jamie will use her decades of expertise to guide you through five key areas of your dog’s life:

  1. Diet — how to best feed your dog
  2. Home — how to guide your dog to healthy home habits
  3. Exercise — why all dogs need to burn off some energy and how to exercise pups properly
  4. Socialization — how to help your dogs play with fellow canines and humans
  5. Love — how to care for your dog without developing issues connected with over-attachment

EP 1 - The most important things to know about dog nutrition

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  • 24 min
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Learn How To Nurture A Happier, Healthier Dog Course list

  1. Episode 1The most important things to know about dog nutrition

    • Where to find the best nutrition guidance
    • Checking for allergies
    • Getting food quantities right for your dog
  2. Episode 2What to look out for in your dog’s diet

    • Symptoms of dog allergies
    • What to do if your dog's is affected by an allergy
  3. Episode 3Foods you should never feed your dog

    • Examples of the most common poisonous foods to dogs
    • Signs to look for if your dog has an allergic reaction
  4. Episode 4How to set boundaries for your dog

    • Why dogs need boundaries
    • Examples of healthy boundaries you can set
  5. Episode 5Tips to help your dog sleep

    • Finding the right sleep routine
    • How much sleep is enough
  6. Episode 6Advice on your dog’s playtime

    • What healthy play looks like
    • When to intervene
    • When to end playtime
  7. Episode 7How to exercise your dog the right way

    • Why exercise is crucial for dogs
    • Recommended amounts of exercise
  8. Episode 8How to give your dog routines and structure

    • Recommendations of good routines for your dog
    • How routines promote good behavior
  9. Episode 9How to help your dog socialize

    • Socializing with humans
    • Socializing with dogs
  10. Episode 10Showing your your dog love - part 1

    • Practical and helpful love for dogs
    • Creating a loving home environment
  11. Episode 11Showing your dog love - part 2

    • Examples of healthy love
    • Maintaining healthy attachment bonds to your dog
  12. Episode 12A happier, healthier dog - summary & next steps

    • What we've learned in this course
    • What you can do from here