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8 Dog Breeds With The Smelliest Farts Imaginable

Written by FOTP Team


Farts are a normal part of life, but dogs take things to stinky new extremes. Whether it’s the breed or their diet (which we know a bit about, btw/products/soothe), there’s something about dog farts that can really clear a room.

Even if they’re a little smelly, the dogs with the most raucous guts can also have some of the biggest hearts. So next time you head to the shelter, keep these particularly gassy breeds in mind. There’s a lot to love, farts and all.

1. Boxers almost seem bred to be stinky.

Photo by Anita Peeples on Unsplash

Some sources claim that it’s perfectly normal for boxers to fart up to ten times a day before it’s considered “excessive,” but it feels far from normal when your living room fills up with noxious gas. Boxers have flat faces, muscular builds, and skinny little abdomens that can all contribute to persistent bloating, making for some truly room-clearing rippers.

2. Pugs may come in small packages, but they contain some BIG smells.

Photo by Pinho. on Unsplash

Like their flat-faced cousins above, pugs can drop some absolute stink bombs, and the structure of their faces may be partly to blame. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to smelly farts, but a pug’s flat face causes it to eat quicker than most dogs (just ask any pug parent), which means more air is coming in with the food. More air in the digestive tract (eventually) means more farts.

3. Beagles go out of their way to be as stinky as possible.

Photo by Tyler Farmer on Unsplash

Beagles were once bred to be hunters. Back in the bad old days, you’d climb up on your horse, track down a fox or two, and let your pack of beagles go wild. Few of us are hunting foxes these days, but that instinct to forage for tasty morsels has stuck with the breed. Beagles are more prone to finding food and eating snacks while on walks, contributing to their gassiness.

4. Golden retrievers look beautiful but smell terrible.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

It’s tough to pin down why golden retrievers are often gassier than other breeds. Their big chests may be to blame, or it could be diet or environmental factors. However, I’m convinced that they fart so much because they know they can get away with it. How could you stay mad at that face?

5. Yorkshire Terriers may just be victims of their genetics.

Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

How could such a tiny, precious little puppy create such terrible, ungodly smells? Well, it’s hard to say for sure. Yorkies aren’t necessarily naturally smelly, but they are prone to allergies which can create some bottom burps. They also tend to have long hair, which can trap their lovely scents. They’re sort of like really awful air fresheners.

6. Shar Peis are like walking bacteria breeding grounds.

Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash

I mean, look at all those wrinkles. Think of everything your dog gets into through the day and imagine how much they’d stink if they had all those folds to trap the smells and bacteria. Frequent baths can help free some of the trapped farts lost in a Shar Pei’s folds.

7. Mastiffs’ excessive drooling is only outdone by their wild farts.

Photo by twenty20photos on Envato

Mastiffs are one of the biggest (and oldest) breeds on this list and have somewhat unique physiologies compared to other breeds. Mastiffs are susceptible to gastric dilatation-volvulus, which can cause their tummies to fill up with gas and actually twist around on themselves. Also, their mouths are so big that they can eat pretty much anything in one big gulp, so they could be eating anything they find on walks.

8. Bulldogs have all the stinkiest traits in a breed.

Photo by Rebecca Hobbs on Unsplash

Flat face? Check. Fast eaters? Check. Bacteria-trapping skin folds? Check. Sensitive stomachs? Check. There’s a reason we saved bulldogs for last. The breed can be so sweet, but the first time you smell a bulldog fart is a truly unforgettable experience. Other dogs’ farts can’t even compare.

Of course, breed is only one consideration when it comes to your dog’s gassiness. Another potential problem may be your dog’s diet. Front of the Pack’s vet-formulated food/food is made with real air-dried chicken and natural ingredients that are backed by science. See what your dog thinks with 20% off.